Friday, October 30, 2009

Hetalia Axis Powers Episode 39

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By mokonacan on Hetalia Axis Powers Episode 39 from Hetalia AxisPowers Episode 39 comment
ahahaha..i juzz download S.Italy Romano character song….its juzz really funny the song and fun at the same time ahahaha…the is called TOMATo song….that all about tomato now let talk about tis hetalia-axis power ep..but first do u know that HRE is really germany..its really ture…if u read he manga germany remember somthing about meeting italy when they was but little….awsome thing is tis that germany is falling in luv with italy although he know that italy is a awsome is that…right….i been talking nonses…back to the anime ITALY kawaii…ahahaha..n i luv the character song to the song is called WATER BOIL….ahahaha…..i really luv to talk about hetalia ahahaha….if any one want to talk about hetalia juzz e-mail me k…